Music in the Garden

Today is April 15, 2017. Just recently I decided that I would build a green house. I made this decision after years of my vegetables getting rained out or ruined by a late frost. In the process, I wound up finding an answer to a question about music that has long been at the back of my mind.

When and by whom was music theory and musical instruments created?

The plans for my green house were being negotiated. I looked at dozens of pages online for ideas and decided it would be a hoop type. The dimensions would be 20 X 12.

This is where it all began, the revelation. The 20 X 12 dimension of the green house is a rectangle of course. So, how do I layout the rectangle in my yard so it is perfect and not out of proportion? I went back to google to begin my search. It did not take long to find my answer. The page I was on says this is very simple. The “Pythagoras Theorem” is how this is done. By squaring two sides of the rectangle, adding them and then calculating the square root of the sum will get the dimension of the diagonal distance. When laying out your rectangle if you get the diagonal distance correct, you have perfect rectangle.

The question now answered on how to create an accurate rectangle, another question arises. What or who is Pythagoras?

Pythagoras is the father of music and harmonics. He was a Greek philosopher, mathematician, astronomer and much more.
Born in 569 BC in Samos, Ionia Died: about 475 BC. His accomplishments are vast. All this time, I had no knowledge of this man, his connection to music and all his other discoveries and there he was right in my garden. There is a lot of documentation on his life and discoveries.. I would like to share…..

Pythagoras – Music and Space

Pythagoras Life

Pythagoras and Music Video

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