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Music in the Garden

Today is April 15, 2017. Just recently I decided that I would build a green house. I made this decision after years of my vegetables getting rained out or ruined by a late frost. In the process, I wound up finding an answer to a question about music that has long been at the back […]

Barry’s Bass Blog

Bass is King Once upon a time, the role of bass was so much simpler than it is today. I tell you this from experience, I did my first professional gig playing bass in 1963. Most who are reading this, probably not alive at that time I am sure. I am not sure why I […]

Monk Montgomery

American electric jazz bassist October 10, 1921 – May 20, 1982  born  -Indianapolis, IN, United States Lived most is life in Las Vegas, NV, United States. Monk Montgomery, came from a musical family.  All his brothers and sister played instruments.  His brother, Wes Montgomery became very famous in Jazz guitar history and still imitated and […]