Slap Bass Lessons

This page is devoted to slap bass lessons by many of the great teaches who have posted on Youtube. I have most the lessons here queued to start right on the lesson it self so you can get right to work. If you want to watch the entire video, simply hover over the timeline and start at the yellow marker at the beginning.

Here is a interesting warm up lick played by Davey Pollitt from Cambridge Music. This lick uses a three part sequence of plucking first, then the slap and finally hammering.
This according to David is a cliche that Marcus Miller and Mark King use. You will see how useful the lick can be as well it being fairly simple to get down initially.

Slap Bass Triplets

The triplet effect on slap bass lines is a most illusive technique the all the hot bass players use to add more life to a slap solo. There are several ways to do this. Below are variations by several most talented bassists.

Victor Wooten Triplet Slap – Double Thumb, Index Style

Victor explains and illustrates how to execute his style of triplet Slap.

Thumb, Index, Middle slap triplet style

This technique is demonstrated and taught by Scott from Scott’s Bass Lessons…The technique he uses is the thumb, index and middle finger.