Slap Bass lessons Beg – Adv

Slap Bass has become the signature of the modern day bassist. Originally created by Larry Graham from Sly and the Family Stone. There are many facets of this style such as double thumbing, double plucking, left hand slap, dead notes, triplet style and using combination of techniques taught in Slap Bass Lessons.

I have been playing this style since 1980. I wrote and published a series of one of the first books on this style. Thumb and Snap Bass Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3. They were distributed world wide. This style has progressed since then but the books still provide my students a solid foundation to get started. I augment the studies with Youtube videos for the more advanced students.

Getting your slap bass lines to sound smooth takes a bit of practice. For the beginner you might start out by just slapping each string with your thumb trying to find the spot on the string that give the best tone. How hard to hit the string. Keeping your wrist loose. Make your thumb bounce off the string. These are a few tips.

I offer lessons by Skype or locally in Newport Center VT. If you need help. There are many fine videos on Youtube for self study.

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