Barry Sahagian seasoned Bass player and author of 32 bass instruction books is now offering Skype Bass lessons.

  • phone 802 334 2437
  • Skype barry_1266


  • 30 min lesson 25.00 per bimonthly… 50.00 advance payment
  • 30 minute lesson 25.00 per weekly …. 100.00 advance payment
  • 45 min lesson 32.00 per bimonthly 64.00 advance Payment

PayPal preferred, we also Accept Credit Cards

Lesson Pricing

  • 45 min lesson 32.00 per weekly 128.00 advance Payment
  • 60 min lesson 40.00 per bimonthly 80.00 advance Payment
  • 60 min lesson 40. per weekly 160.00 advance Payment

PayPal preferred, we also Accept Credit Cards

Hi, I would like to explain a little about my Skype Bass lessons. During my extensive music career I have played in many genres and have explored all of the styles as well as publishing books on each style. Slap bass, funk bass, rock bass, bass harmonics, bass chords, bass tapping, solo bass, bass duets, Bass technique, Bass music theory, Blues bass, beginner bass. I have written published and distributed worldwide books on all the above subjects and now offer lessons the above aforementioned backed up with the written material that is supplied at no cost with the lesson.

I teach with a personal approach to each individual student based on level, interests and goals they may have…so although I do have many instructional courses, I am open to teaching whatever the student desires, a bass lick, a jazz line. all music theory, chord chart reading or any combination of all the above subjects.  I am here to answer your questions and guide you to your goals in a creative and flexible strategy to make your bass playing a most enjoyable experience.