Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Private Guitar Lessons with an experienced teacher is the most effective way of learning fast and the right way. The advantage of studying with a teacher is that you are guided every step of the way. The teacher observes and makes sure you are understanding as well as practicing correctly. You can ask questions and get answers.

I teach beginner through advanced guitar lessons and the students get to choose songs and styles they would like to learn. When learning songs I accompany the student with either guitar, bass or piano so they can get a feel for playing with other musicians and have fun while learning.

Beginner Guitar Lessons

will learn how to tune the guitar, chords, posture, right and left hand technique, reading music, theory and songs.

Intermediate – Advanced Guitar Instruction –

I use a more creative approach by exploring what they need to do to reach their goals to improve as well as focusing on the styles of music they enjoy. Some of the styles of music I offer are rock, blues, pop, country, classical, jazz, folk.

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Many students study Youtube tutorials. I sometimes use them in my lessons to supplement material I provide. Some of my past students have brought Youtube videos to the lesson for something special they want to learn. I do encourage this. Turns out that the student would usually need help in understanding parts of the video or additional help which I do provide.

Below are a few very simple videos I have made for a beginner guitarist to understand some very basic details of guitar technique. I encourage my beginner students that have never played a guitar to look these over before the first lesson.

Notes on the Neck and Strings

Fret Positions


Guitar Posture

Right Hand Guitar Technique