When bass started to take on its new role in music in the late 70’s and 80’s, I was teaching myself all these new techniques as they emerged. At the time I had many students and decided to write and publish books on all the new styles to offer my students a structured way of learning.

I wound up writing many books on Bass in a variety of styles and subjects. All in all I wound up with over 30 instruction books. I have decided to publish on the website the best of the each book that think has the most value for bass players. They will all be short snippets that you can easily absorb with notation, tab and soon I will add short videos for each segment.

They segments will be categorized and explained in detail so you can browse and find specific lessons that you are interested in quickly. The whole idea is to provide a resource that can quickly provide you information that you need in condensed format and allow you to move through many segments in the shortest time with out extra irrelevant content.

This will take some time to add all of these mini lessons. I will be adding them constantly, so feel free to check back.

Barry Sahagian

Bass Chords Lessons – Click on Image

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Video Tutorials