Finger Picking bass techniques are now one of the things many bassists are most interested in. The primary reasons are that you can play faster with less effort. You can sound different and you can open up more possibilities in linear and chordal playing.

Now there is no one universal way to play fingerstyle bass. Bassists are using any combination of of thumb, index, middle, ring and baby fingers on the right hand. Then add permutations it gets even tougher to choose which approach to use. I have included as many ways I can find or already know myself in the samples below. All of them are taught and illustrated by the finest bassists. I have included start and stop points in the videos to isolate one short segment I feel was a good tip/lesson. You can of course view the entire video if want to see more of it. Simply move the queue in the timeline to yellow marker far left and the video will start from the beginning.

4 Finger Bass Picking

Here is a simple lick to get started on the 4 finger Bass picking Technique.. Taught by ijazzmunki. His using the Thumb, index, middle and ring fingers to pluck his lines. There are other styles similar to this using 4 plucks. One in particular is Double Thumb, index middle. This will be illustrated on another video hosted by Victor Wooten.