Have you ever locked with a drummers foot pedal on a funky groove? ..WOW! Feels so good. The band has a concrete foundation… So this is the the inspiration for this book. The first of its kind at the time I wrote it. So what is is…. A drum part synchronized with a bass line and variations.. The drum part is written the standard way on a bass clef and the bass part is written in standard notation and tab. they are eighth note and sixteen note grooves. I painstakingly made sure the notes were lined up vertically on the music between the drums and the bass so both the drummer and the bassist could see where the notes lined up with the bass drum.

Originally it was written for plucked style bass but easily can be played using slap style.. It’ all about lining up the bass and bass drum. Many compliments on this one from bass players and drummers grooving away together